'Game Of Thrones' Births A Shadow Baby

Things get weird on the latest episode, and MTV's 'Watching the Thrones' is ready to dive into it head-on.

In case you didn't realize it before, Sunday night's episode of "Game

of Thrones" should have made it quite clear: Westeros can be very,

very weird.

Think about all the various forms of magic cropping up all over the

Seven Kingdoms: the crippled Brandon Stark is able to walk again by

way of his wolf dreams. North of the Wall, humanoid monsters with

voices like crackling ice exist, with the ability to raise their victims from the dead. And across the Narrow Sea, the first dragons to be born in decades are beginning to grow under the love and care of exiled princess Daenerys Targaryen.

And now, on top of all of that, we have ... a shadow baby?!

Needless to say, episode four of the fantasy series' second season,

"Garden of Bones," was a strange one. Keep reading for our take on the

latest trip to Westeros, and watch the video below for more from our

weekly "Watching the Thrones" roundup!

Hungry Like the Wolf

Robb Stark is a hugely important part of "A Clash of Kings," the novel

upon which season two is based. But his physical presence leaves

something to be desired — which is to say, he's rarely seen in

the book, mostly talked about. That's not the case on "Game of

Thrones." Here, Robb is fully present, as seen in the opening moments

of "Garden of Bones." Robb's direwolf, Grey Wind, grows stronger with

every battle, and Robb's skills as a tactician and leader of men are

improving at the same pace. This latest episode also pulled the

curtain back on something not seen in the books, but hugely important

to Robb's character: a little trace of love. But that nurse on the

battlefield does not go by the name Jeyne Westerling as she does in

the books; indeed, as she presents herself, she's hardly a noble-born

woman at all. Is it just an alias for now, a parlor trick that Jeyne

is playing? Or has "Thrones" altered Robb's love interest in a

seriously significant way?

The Greatest City in the World

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Qarth! At long last, Dany and her

khalasar have reached civilization. And if the people of Qarth are to

be believed, Dany has arrived at the greatest city in the world. If

you're a bit skeptical of that claim, that's more than fair. But even

if Qarth as a city doesn't necessarily live up to the hype (and that

itself is up for debate), there are things that happen in Qarth that

rank high on the list of all-time greatest "Thrones" moments. Needless

to say, Dany has some interesting times ahead of her.

The Ghost of Harrenhal

Poor Arya Stark. It's just not getting any better for the little girl

forced to live as a little boy. Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie found

themselves at the mercy of the Tickler and the Mountain in this week's

episode, watching the pair interrogate their prisoners to death with a

disturbingly clever combination of a rat, a bucket and a torch. Not

pretty stuff. Even the arrival of Tywin Lannister is hardly a mercy;

he's more civilized than their initial captors, sure, but he's a

Lannister all the same. On the bright side, now Arya has a few more

names to add to her people-to-kill list alongside Queen Regent Cersei

and her wicked son Joffrey.

Draining the Poison

Speaking of Joffrey, he's just getting worse and worse with each

episode, if you can believe it. From beheading Ned Stark to

threatening Sansa's life with a crossbow held at point-blank range,

Joffrey's wicked ways seem to know no bounds. And that's not even the

worst of it: The way he made the two prostitutes purchased for him by

Tyrion torture each other was absolutely sickening to watch. Joffrey

is easily one of the most loathsome characters in all of "Ice and

Fire" lore, if not the most loathsome — and believe it or

not, he's even more unlikable on the show. Brutal, brutal, brutal.

Shadow Baby!

While the latest episode of "Thrones" ended the show's three-week kid-killing streak, it

made up for the combo-breaker by having us witness the priestess

Melisandre give birth to a shadow baby. A shadow baby. Clearly, it's a bit more complicated than that, but it's strange and horrific to behold all the same. If you ever doubted that Melisandre has magic at her disposal, doubt her no longer. Perhaps she hasn't backed the right horse in the race for the Iron Throne, but she definitely has

formidable power on her side, as Davos can attest to firsthand. As for

where that shadow baby's headed next? Readers of the books certainly

know — and if you haven't read the books, well, keep the Kleenex on hand. You're going to need it.

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