Boyz II Men's 'One More Dance' 'Brings The '90s Back'

Nathan Morris says the Babyface-produced track 'makes people want to fall in love all over again.'

Boyz II Men know a thing or two about cooking up smooth jams about heartbreak and the end of sweet love affairs. Their new single, "One More Dance," is a slow jam about needing to get back in the good graces of that one special girl and needing her to save him, well, another dance.

Adding to the power of the ballad, the guys hooked up with super producer Babyface, who worked with the group on their '90s mega-hits "End of the Road" and "I'll Make Love to You."

"It's one of those classic Boyz II Men/Babyface collaborations," Nathan Morris explained to MTV News. "The music kind of brings the '90s back, brings it forward to the new millennia, with more of an updated sound and more of an updated vibe. It's something you would expect from us. It's not too far to the left and it's one of those songs that kind of makes people want to fall in love all over again."

The slower songs of the '90s certainly seem to be making a big-time comeback, with even Usher abandoning his obsession with four on the floor to return to slower tempos like on "Climax." "Dance" pays homage to that time when ballads ruled the airwaves and Top 40 radio. As Wanya Morris explained, now's as good a time as any for that nostalgia.

"I think it's because people, they want to fall in love all over again," he explained. "They've actually been in a situation where hip-hop has stood in the forefront of music and R&B kind of took a back seat and musical music has taken a back seat and they want to fall in love again. And, hopefully this album, Twenty, will help them in that journey to we find love again."

The guys are currently on the road promoting that album, and finding that their fans, both new and old, are pumped for their tracks, both new and old.

"The cool thing about our fans is they span all types of age, groups, colors," Shawn Stockman explained of the trek. "The problem we always had, if you could call it a problem, is that no one could pinpoint Boyz II Men fans because if you ever go out to a show you see everyone. It's all types of people who come to our shows and it's always been that way. And it's just a resurgence and now a new generation of people, of kids, that are listening to our music because of their parents, most likely, is getting into it too."

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