Tupac Takes Over The Web Through Hologram-Inspired Memes

Holo-Pac parodies place the late rapper in the cast of 'Titanic' and Jem's backup band.

It's been a crazy week for Tupac Shakur, who, despite having passed away in 1996, has been all over the news after his hologram performance at Coachella. The intriguing yet creepy display has sparked plenty of debate and questions about the future of touringand whether holograms disrespect the memory of late music legends.

Never one to miss a viral joke opportunity, the Internet has scooped up Holo-Pac and run with it, resulting in Holo-Pac memes spreading to the far corners of the web.

Trailing the success of other parody accounts such as @AngiesRightLeg and @DarthVader, the Twittersphere welcomed @HologramTupac this week, which impressively garnered more than 30,000 followers in only a few days. @HologramTupac tweets at celebrities and fans alike, often pausing to clarify that he is not a zombie, which apparently has been a point of confusion for some.

Animated GIFs have been popping up everywhere, animating the Shakur hologram into classic movies like Harry Potter , Star Wars, and Titanic . Even more still photos have been Photoshopped to turn Holo-Pac into a member of the Starship Enterprise or, fittingly, of Jem's backup band the Holograms.

Others have taken the meme past the rapper and come up with dream lineups of other deceased stars. A parody Coachella lineup featuring solely hologram acts boasts headliners like Michael Jackson, The Clash and Mozart.

And just when you thought they'd thought of everything, you discover an animated GIF of Tupac as the popular "Haters Gonna Hate" meme. That's right. It's a meme of a meme! Did your head just explode from the meta cleverness of it all?

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