Fat Joe Calls Signing Q-Tip 'The Smartest Thing Kanye West Ever Did'

'Q-Tip's on G.O.O.D. Music — that's a beautiful thing,' he tells MTV News.

Fat Joe has seen it all. The Don Cartagena has clocked in more than 19 years in the rap game and rubbed shoulders with some pretty iconic hip-hop figures, so when studio pictures of him, Kanye West, Jadakiss, Mos Def (now known as Yassin Bey) and Busta Rhymes hit Twitter last week, Joey chalked it up as another one for the record books.

"Hip-hop moments, that's it. It was just a back-in-the-days hip-hop moment," Joe Crack told MTV News after a taping of MTV2's upcoming "Hip Hop Squares." "For, like, a whole week, we've just been vibing, everybody's been vibing with each other, and it's a beautiful thing."

Though he wasn't in the pictures, Joe confirmed Q-Tip was also in those vibing sessions. It's no secret that Joey Crack is a fan of the former A Tribe Called Quest frontman, and he believes his recent deal with Yeezy's G.O.O.D. Music will further cement 'Ye as a musical genius. "Smartest thing Kanye West ever did," Joe said of the signing.

The Bronx, New York, MC wasn't completely forthcoming about what he has cooking with West and company. Still, Joey did liken the interaction to the days when he would randomly pop up in music videos with 1990s rap staples like Black Sheep, Das EFX and Lord Finesse. "I'm in every Lord Finesse [and] Das EFX video, so it just felt like back in the days, every hip-hop head in New York City getting together with Kanye," he said. "We were discussing hip-hop politics, who's hot, who's the new, who's this, who's that, and we just had an amazing time."

In February, Joe told MTV News he was a pretty big Yeezy fan, but the two have never worked together. Whether we'll ever hear some type of collaboration remains to be seen. "You seen every rapper in that picture, but once you seen Fat Joe in there, you already know what it is," he said. "You already know it's official. Everybody's joining forces, everybody's vibing with each other, and look, Q-Tip's on G.O.O.D. Music — that's a beautiful thing."

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