Drake Invites Us To His 'Re-Bar Mitzvah' In 'HYFR' Video

Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Birdman and DJ Khaled are along for the ride in celebratory clip.

Drake certainly isn't holding back in releasing his new music videos! Minutes before the MTV premiere of the highly anticipated, Rihanna-featuring video for "Take Care," Drake debuted the Lil Wayne-assisted video for "HYFR" on his October's Very Own blog.

As we saw via a few photos from the set recently, the video is a re-creation of Drizzy's Bar Mitzvah.

The clip opens with footage of a very young Aubrey "Drake" Graham at a friend or relative's Bar Mitzvah years ago. Little Drake says "mazel tov" to camera, and then we cut to the video's introduction, which is printed in white lettering over a black background. "On October 24th 2011 Aubrey 'Drake' Graham chose to get re-Bar Mitzvah'd as a re-commitment to the Jewish religion."

We see another few seconds from the archive footage, in which little Drake is busting some moves on the dance floor, looking totally comfortable performing to the camera, before we hear the opening of "HYFR" and cut to Drake dressed to the nines in his freshest bar mitzvah formalwear standing in front of a group of what appear to be his childhood friends — including longtime producer Noah "40" Shebib.

The video takes place in three different settings: The first is the opening shot outside the temple, the Bar Mitzvah ceremony inside the temple and the reception after the ceremony. Over the course of the nearly four-minute clip, we watch Drizzy chillin' with his homies all civilized-like, then we see him going through the motions of the Mitzvah, reciting scripture inside the temple with a rabbi, and then we watch everyone wildin' out at the reception with drinks, dancing and talking to ladies. Decorations and cakes are smashed, and Weezy — who is first shown fully clothed, wearing a panda hat/mask — eventually strips down to just his pants. There are also playful assists/cameos made by Trey Songz, Birdman and DJ Khaled.

Where "Take Care" has a more voyeuristic, contemporary-art feel, "HYFR" is just one big party that we're all invited to watch.

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