Swedish House Mafia's Next Single Inspired By Australia

'Our cameraman and one of the guys from management started to cry when they heard the song,' Sebastian Ingrosso tells MTV News.

Before headlining day one of Masquerade Motel Miami, Swedish House Mafia confirmed that they're working on a follow-up single to "Greyhound."

In their three years recording together, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello have just five Swedish House Mafia singles under their belt (six if you count "Leave the World Behind," their collaboration with Laidback Luke and Deborah Cox), so the very mention of a new SHM song is a highly anticipated event in dance-music culture.

"We didn't manage to finish that track," Axwell revealed when we asked if the new song would make a debut at Masquerade Motel Miami. "We were trying."

"The only thing that we can say, actually," Axwell continued, "is that we were at this amazing house in Sydney by the water, and we were trying to take in all the amazingness of Sydney. So we took out a couch ... and sat in the garden with the ocean view there. And we were like, 'OK, let's make something that sounds how this looks.' "

Fans of Swedish House Mafia were first clued in to some recording Down Under when the gents posted a clip online showing Ax, Seb and Steve at an Australian lab, making music and swimming in a pool with a scenic Sydney Harbour view. Fans should be tickled to know, according to the guys, that their next release seems like it will be equal parts beautiful and banging.

"Our cameraman that has filmed for us and one of the guys from management started to cry when they heard the song," Seb revealed.

"So we'll see!" Axwell said. "But it was amazing to sit there at a couch outside with our laptops and just looking out."

"That should be the new studio," Angello chimed in.

"We needed to do that for that track," Seb said.

"Because that track has been in demo state for a long time," Ax said. "We've been really, like, 'How can we finish this in the right way without making it too banging or too soft and keep all the lyrics?' So we were on a couch on the beach finishing it. Almost."

No word yet on the new song's official title or release date.

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