Rick Ross' 'Pen Is Sharp Right Now,' Prodigy Says

'He's killin' 'em right now with the lyrics,' P tells MTV News about Ricky Rozay's songwriting skills.

Mobb Deep's Prodigy knows a thing or two about quality rap lyrics. In the mid-1990s, P and his partner Havoc built their reputation off of a unique brand of murderous music that consisted of menacing beats and well-thought-out street poetry. It's a quality that Prodigy looks for in would-be Mobb Deep collaborators and a quality he sees in MTV News' Hottest MC in the Game crown holder Rick Ross.

"I've learned to respect Rick Ross' music. He's been impressing me lately, especially while I was locked up. I've been watching his career," Prodigy told MTV News of his growing appreciation for the Miami rapper. "At first on some real sh--, I thought he was a fluke. I didn't think he was gonna make it and I can admit that. I'm not scared to speak my mind and tell you what it is. And now I'm like, 'I like that kid.' "

After his 2006 gun arrest, Prodigy was sentenced to three and a half years in jail in October 2007. At the time, Ross was in between albums, preparing to release his sophomore LP Trilla, and he wasn't quite the rap juggernaut that he is today. By the time P was released in March 2011, Rozay had made significant strides in his career and the Mobb Deep lyricist became a fan. "He's real unique, he's real creative, he picks ill beats. He impresses me," P said. "He's killin' 'em right now with the lyrics. His pen is sharp right now. That boy's pen is not a joke right now."

Ross shares a mutual admiration. "When he was released [from prison], he gave me a call a few days after that. We spoke on the phone maybe once or twice. It was a genuine conversation, us touching base, making sure it is what it is. We most definitely put a record or two on the table," Ross told Sway of Prodigy when he appeared on "RapFix Live" in May 2011.

Prodigy also revealed to MTV News last year that the record was already finished and will most likely appear on the next Mobb Deep full-length LP.