Nick Lachey, Vanessa Minnillo Expecting A Baby

'She's due late summer, early fall,' Lachey said when he confirmed the news on 'Live! With Kelly.'

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo are expecting their first baby together. The former boy bander confirmed the news Monday (March 5) on "Live! With Kelly" when he was co-hosting the show with Kelly Ripa.

"I think we may have to steal 'Sophia' from you [since that's Vanessa's first choice]. If it's a boy, we're not really sure yet," he said of the names the couple is tossing around. "[I used to think] if I have a son first, he's going to be named Colin. Now Colin, it's not a good name [to Vanessa]. It's a tough thing, these names."

For those wondering when the couple will welcome their first baby, Lachey said, "She's due late summer, early fall. You find out you're pregnant and it's the most exciting news and yet you're not supposed to tell anyone for three months. I had to keep this secret for three months."

Photos of an expecting Minnillo began to surface in the last few weeks, but the couple hadn't addressed the rumors until the talk show. "This past week the pictures have started to come out. You can definitely see a baby bump," he said, adding that his wife has been craving lots of burritos these days. "She loves, right now, Mexican food."

The two got married in June 2011 on a tropical island in front of 35 friends and family after they began dating in 2006, around the time he split from his pop-star ex, Jessica Simpson.

Simpson is also expecting her first child. It's not the first time their relationships have mirrored one another. Lachey and Simpson also got engaged around the same time, in November 2010.

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