'Avengers' Trailer: Five Key Scenes

Bruce Banner — a.k.a. the Hulk — takes center stage in the latest look at Joss Whedon's Marvel Studios superhero epic.

The Avengers aren't a team, according to Bruce Banner; they're a time bomb. We're inclined to agree with the green, mean doctor based on the new theatrical trailer for "Marvel's The Avengers," though we should note that we're also very, very excited to see that time bomb explode in just a few months.

The latest "Avengers" trailer has more of the same scenes we've seen in previous spots but with enough elaboration and new details to keep us incredibly eager for Earth's mightiest superhero flick. Joss Whedon's long-awaited Marvel movie looks to be bigger than anyone could have possibly imagined, especially with the appearance of a not-so-little spaceship seemingly ripped straight out of the "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" playbook by the trailer's conclusion.

There's a lot to unpack from the new "Avengers" trailer, so join us as we pinpoint five key scenes!

The Powers of Persuasion

Fans lucky enough to attend D23 Expo in late 2011 were treated to a scene in which Natasha Romanoff — better known by her codename Black Widow — approaches a reclusive Bruce Banner about joining the Avengers initiative. That scene is very much present in this latest trailer, showing the world how the mean, green fighting machine comes to join up with Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Of course, it's not like he has much choice; there are dozens of armed soldiers surrounding Bruce's hut in case he turns down Natasha's offer. Are Black Widow's powers of persuasion enough to bring Bruce along peacefully, or are these soldiers in for an up-close look at one of the scientist's infamous temper tantrums?

Holy Trinity

Not all Avengers were created equally, sad to say. In Marvel Comics lore, it's often Iron Man, Captain America and Thor who are most readily identified with the powerful superhero team. For the first time ever, this "Avengers" trailer puts all three of those men in the same space completely by themselves; it's a haunting shot featuring three of the world's mightiest superheroes in one isolated location, hot off the heels of them beating the tar out of one another. We guess that's one way to make friends!

Kneel Before Loki

The Asgardian outcast has some new tricks up his sleeve in "The Avengers," it would seem. Chief among them: the ability to look incredibly dapper! A striking Tom Hiddleston haunts the "Avengers" trailer, regularly taunting his opponents and literally bringing mankind to its knees. Loki's presence has hung heavily in every one of these "Avengers" trailers, but his absolute power over humanity has never been more certain than it is in this latest look. Without a doubt, this is a man to be feared, no matter how many green monsters you have on your side.

Playing Nice With Others

Speaking of the green guy, Hulk gets even more action in this newest "Avengers" trailer. Despite Bruce's claims that the Avengers are less of a team and more of a time bomb, he proves his ability to play well with others when Hulk comes to the rescue of a battered and beaten Tony Stark. A sign that this version of the Hulk has some semblance of who's fighting for which side? Perhaps. One thing's for sure: We should start worrying about Iron Man's safety right about now.

Bringing the Party to You

What's worse than six superheroes being attacked by an army of aliens? How about six superheroes being attacked by the army of aliens' big honking spaceship? We'll have to dig through the Marvel archives to figure out what clues the massive aircraft at the end of the "Avengers" trailer leaves behind, but we do know this: That thing is awesome, and we want our action figure immediately!

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