Sacha Baron Cohen's Top Five Stunts

We look at some of the comedian's exploits, including his interaction with Ryan Seacrest on the Oscars red carpet.

If Sacha Baron Cohen's arrival on the 2012 Oscars red carpet as the Dictator surprised you, you must not be familiar with the comedian known for big, awkward stunts. Baron Cohen has made a career of stunts like the one he "performed" tonight at the Academy Awards.

Here is our rundown of Sacha Baron Cohen's best stunts.

Oscars Red Carpet

It took a lot of fighting, but after having his tickets revoked, Baron Cohen was allowed to walk the red carpet as his totalitarian alter ego General Aladeen, and he made it count. Almost as if to make the Academy sorely regret letting him on, Baron Cohen spilled the supposed ashes of late North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il onto E! host Ryan Seacrest. Leave it to Baron Cohen to take a mile after the Academy gave him an inch.

2009 MTV Movie Awards

An important lesson taken from the 2009 MTV Movie Awards was that if you're going to mess with Eminem, make sure you get his approval in advance. Baron Cohen did that before appearing as Brüno, from his movie of the same name, at the Movie Awards. Wearing angel wings and flying above the crowd, the comedian came crashing down with his butt landing directly in Eminem's face.

Interviewing Ron Paul

It's hard to imagine that anyone could honestly be fooled by one of Baron Cohen's many characters after years of pranking unsuspecting targets, but presidential candidate Ron Paul found himself in Brüno's crosshairs. Paul sat down for an interview with the supposed Austrian journalist, but things quickly turned inappropriate. In the aftermath of the encounter, Paul admitted that he probably should have punched Baron Cohen.

Paris Fashion Week

It wasn't the first time that security had to escort Baron Cohen out of an event, but it was certainly one of the most public. In 2008, Baron Cohen showed up to Fashion Week in Paris as Brüno and, as usual, made quite the scene. The disturbance was enough to make security force Baron Cohen out of Stella McCartney's fashion show.

"Borat" Premiere

When it comes to premieres and red-carpet events, Baron Cohen definitely knows how to make an entrance. For the Toronto premiere of his first feature film, "Borat," Baron Cohen arrived as the title character in a carriage pulled by a team of women. It was a move only Baron Cohen could have gotten away with and one that will certainly be remembered.

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