Whitney Houston Remembered By Kings Of Leon, Foster The People

'When she sings, you connect to her spirit,' Mark Foster says of Houston, who died Saturday.

In the wake of Whitney Houston's tragic death, one of the true testaments to the power of her music was the breadth of people she touched with it. On the Grammys red carpet, that was unmistakably clear.

Two of rock music's biggest acts and nominees Sunday (February 12), Kings of Leon and Foster the People talked to MTV News about Houston's passing and the influence and legacy of her voice.

Mark Foster, lead singer for Foster the People, spoke about just how deep Houston's talent went. "I think there's only a few singers in the history of time that when they open their mouth, they almost open up a portal to their soul and to their heart," he said. "That's something that I feel with her."

For Foster, Houston's impact meant more than just singing ability, but what she did with her voice. "When she sings, you connect to her spirit. She's not just a great singer, but she's putting her personality and everything inside of her on the line," he said.

Houston's music marked important moments in the lives of many people, even rock stars like Kings of Leon, who used "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" as a walk-out song at some of their concerts. Each of the Followill Brothers shared some memory of Houston's music and the effect it had on them. "My mom sent me a text today, asking if I remember that we played 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' for her birthday one year," Ivan Followill said.

Michael Followill shared his honest opinion of Houston's voice, which he referred to as "literally one of the most beautiful voice of maybe any female singer ever — perfect tone, great range, just a mix of all the things you want to hear."

The band's lead singer, Anthony Followill, had his own special connection to the soundtrack of "The Bodyguard": "I had a girlfriend," he said. "She was eight and I was 10. That was our soundtrack."

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