Reese Witherspoon Opens Up About Acting In 1991 MTV Interview

Check out the vintage clip in advance of Tuesday's 'MTV First: This Means War.'

Reese Witherspoon is slated to sit down with MTV News on Tuesday for an exclusive interview and premiere of a previously unseen clip from her upcoming film "This Means War." The special, "MTV First: This Means War," will air on Tuesday at 7:56 p.m. ET on MTV.

But before we look to the future, we are going to take a peep at her past. MTV News has uncovered a precious vintage gem, a 1991 interview with the then up-and-comer. "Ever since I was 7," the already precocious and sassy rookie told MTV News when asked whether she had always had her sights set on a career in Hollywood. "I just thought, I always wanted to do something really outgoing 'cause when I was little I was really kind of quiet, but you know, I'd always be really creative at home and stuff, and finally I started, you know, speaking out and doing little things to impress everybody."

She further explained that once she had decided that acting was something she wanted to do, she took the necessary steps to make sure she'd be ready for fame and stardom. "I started taking little acting classes and improv classes and, you know, [that] turned out to be what I was going to do," she said. "I was always going to do something really out there, really far away. Does that make any sense? No, not really."

Later mocking herself and her answer, she teased, "That's nice, Reese.

That's real nice."

Following the on-air "First" segment, Academy Award winner Witherspoon will stay for an additional 30-minute interview on with MTV News' Josh Horowitz. Fans can be part of the action right away by submitting video or text questions on or via Twitter by using hashtag #MTVFirst.

"This Means War," the McG-directed comedy-action film, stars Witherspoon as a seductive female dating two of the world's deadliest CIA operatives (played by Chris Pine and Tom Hardy), whose partnership and friendship are put in jeopardy when they begin to battle for her affections. Instead of talking to her about the love triangle, they try to settle the matter using all of the weapons at their disposal.

The film also stars one of Witherspoon's real-life pals, comedian and "Chelsea Lately" host Chelsea Handler, who gives Reese's character the terrible advice that she should continue dating both men.

Check out everything we've got on "This Means War."

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