'SpongeBob' Cameo Gives Johnny Knoxville 'Street Cred'

'Jackass' star lends his voice to 'very handsome' extreme athlete Johnny Krill on upcoming episode.

You would think Johnny Knoxville is a pretty big deal around the offices of Dickhouse Productions, but, apparently, you'd be wrong. It seems no one paid much attention to him until late last year, when he let it be known he'd be appearing on an upcoming episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants." Then everything changed.

"It was a real attention-getter. Everyone around the office was immediately psyched. Lots of street cred around the office," the "Jackass" star laughed. "It went over huge. Everyone's big fans of 'SpongeBob' around here. It's a tough office to get a reaction in, but this got it."

In the upcoming episode, Knoxville plays Johnny Krill ("some extreme sports, motorcycle guy," as he put it), the leader of the high-octane Drastic Radicals sports team, which SpongeBob and his pal Patrick are dying to join. And while we suspect he's kidding about the cred thing, Knoxville was dead serious when he said lending his voice to an upcoming episode of the long-running Nickelodeon cartoon was not only a total thrill, but an automatic no-brainer — for reasons other than just office acceptance.

"It took me two seconds to say 'yes,' " Knoxville said. "I know my 16-year-old daughter was very happy, and my other two kids, one's 2 and the other's three months, so one day, hopefully they'll be proud of pop.

"I also need to add that Johnny Krill is very handsome and very well hung, so, you know, it's really suspending belief," he continued. "And that's also probably why it took me two seconds to say 'yes.' "

And the benefits didn't stop there: "They loaded me up with a bunch of schwag! Every toy they ever made — skateboards, wristbands, all kinds of great stuff. They just don't quit with the perks. Then I got to do a photo shoot with SpongeBob. They let me do my own stunts for this episode. It was amazing."

The Knoxville episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants" — called "Extreme Spots" — is set to air this summer on Nickelodeon.