Rihanna's 'We Found Love' 'Most Successful Thing' For Calvin Harris

'You can't escape it here [in America]. I've heard it a lot,' song's producer says of Hot 100 song.

With Rihanna's seemingly unstoppable "We Found Love" fist pumping its way through a seventh week on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, MTV News is elated to bring you word from the usually publicity-shy producer of the runaway juggernaut, Scottish DJ/ beatsmith Calvin Harris.

Harris is among electronic dance music's most popular fixtures, and over the years he has cooked up, and sung, some of the genre's biggest anthems including "I'm Not Alone," "Flashback" and "You Used to Hold Me." Last year, his song "Awooga" was among the more popular songs at Miami Music Week. It was followed by a stellar collaboration with Kelis on "Bounce."

Still, even Harris himself recognizes the sheer momentum of "We Found Love," and how far the song has traveled, the world over.

" 'We Found Love,' is the most successful thing I've done ever," Harris revealed just before his resident set at the famed XS Nightclub in Las Vegas. "It's not strictly a song by me, obviously, it's by Rihanna. She sings it."

"It was great to work with her," Harris continued. "No one could have taken it as far as she did. You can't escape it here [in America]. I've heard it a lot. I've heard it probably more times today than I did when I was mixing it. Which is a good thing."

Harris has launched into 2012 with his residency at XS, commenced work on new music and just finished a round of gigs in New York. Still, recording "Love" and touring with Ri-Ri last year is a time Harris recalls fondly.

"The tour with Rihanna was fun," Harris said. "Most places, it was two gigs a night. I was doing after-shows as well. She was recording her album at the same time as being on tour, so she was setting up studios in the venues and hotel rooms. It was a crazy tour, three months. It's a very long time to be on the road. But it was fun."

So with the success of "Love," have more pop acts come calling for collabos with Harris in the new year?

"Ever since the Rihanna song did well, a lot of people want to do some stuff, which is great," Harris continued. "That's what I enjoy doing. In terms of actual names, I've not done anything yet. I'd like to [talk about it] once it's been done rather than suggest what might happen."

In the meantime, U.S. EDM fans will be tickled to know they are going to see a whole lot more of Calvin Harris in the States in the future.