Lady Gaga Gushes About Beyonce's Future Motherhood Skills

'My next baby will be my new record,' singer says of her own motherhood plans.

Lady Gaga and Beyoncé are besties, and when the Mother Monster sat down with "The Insider," she gushed about her pal's skills as a soon-to-be mommy.

"Of course she is [going to be a good mom]. That's a tremendous understatement," the singer said. "She's the nicest female I've met in the industry. She's wonderful!"

The two have quite the history together. Gaga and Beyoncé have appeared on two tracks (and in two videos) together for "Telephone" and "Video Phone." And while Beyoncé is nearing motherhood, Gaga admits she wants to wait a bit longer before giving birth to anything — but new music, that is.

"Someday. Long, long day from now!" she said. "My next baby will be my new record."

When MTV News caught up with Gaga last month, she opened up about her plans to release the follow-up to Born This Way. "I've started writing it and I have the name for it and all the concepts are beginning to flourish and take place," she told MTV News.

But much like Beyoncé and her baby, a due date for the Mother Monster's next album is still to be determined. "I'm excited to put it out, but it's not done yet. So I'll put it out when it's done."

Meanwhile, one psychic who spoke to MTV News helped us try to nail down just when we should expect Jayoncé's baby. "I feel that Beyoncé's 2012 is going to be very, very exciting," Jesse Bravo told MTV News. "I get the date of January 8 to January 14 of her giving birth to her first son."

When do you think Jayoncé's baby will come? Make your predictions in the comments!