Maino Predicts He'll Be In Katy Perry, Rihanna Love Triangle

'I'm gonna be like a different person' in 2012, rapper jokes to Sway on 'RapFix Live.'

With 2011 out of the door and the New Year upon us, Maino is looking forward to the coming 12 months. Every year since 2009, the Brooklyn MC has released a predictions-themed song. On his "2011 Predictions" Main successfully guessed that Lindsay Lohan would have relapsing bouts with alcohol and that the Throne would sell over a million records. On Wednesday's "RapFix Live," Maino dropped some major

2012 predictions.

"I got a couple," the rapper admitted when Sway asked him what reveals he had for the next 12 months. "Forget what you heard, Obama's gonna win."

That wasn't all, however. "This is the year you gonna see a transformation for me. I'm gonna be like a different person. I'm gonna get caught up in a love triangle," Maino said, pausing before adding, "with Rihanna and Katy Perry."

Maino's playful prediction may seem far-fetched, but with the news that Perry's hubby Russell Brand has filed for divorce, the pop star is back on the market. As far as Rihanna, the Bajan beauty revealed to Ellen DeGeneres in a November 2011 interview that she is very single. So from a logistical standpoint anything is possible — we guess.

That wasn't all. Maino, who has stood as one of rap's top street artists, says he is about to undergo an artistic change as well. "I'm leaving rap. I'm leaving hip-hop. I'm gonna become an R&B artist. I'ma be the artist formerly known as Maino, but my new name is gonna be Jaguar Paw," he joked. "These is my predictions."

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