'Bel Ami' Trailer: Five Key Scenes

Robert Pattinson breaks away from Edward Cullen in the story of one man's rise to the top of Parisian society.

Ladies, say goodbye to Edward Cullen and hello to George Duroy.

The newest "Bel Ami" trailer has hit the Web, showcasing a Robert Pattinson who is very different from the one fans have come to know and love in "The Twilight Saga."

The sex-filled drama follows penniless soldier Duroy on his rise to the top of the Parisian social ladder thanks to his manipulation and seduction of the wives of the French elite. Needless to say, fans who want a lot of nudity and friskiness to go along with their daily dose of Pattinson should not be disappointed by this latest preview, which follows an earlier "Bel Ami" trailer released in July.

While the film doesn't have a release date yet in the U.S., viewers in the U.K. will be able to see it starting March 2. For now, here are five key scenes from the brand-new trailer!

Meet the Ladies

There's a reason directors Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod enlisted Pattinson: He's one of the biggest sex symbols around, and Duroy is a playboy in every sense of the word. As important a character as he is, the ladies Duroy seduces are also integral to the story. About a fourth of the way through the trailer, Pattinson is seen sitting across from the three women who will act as his love interests: Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas. These ladies likely have no idea what emotional roller coaster is in store for them.

Sex, Sex and More Sex

Pattinson has been pretty upfront about the fact that "Bel Ami" includes plenty of sex and — in his words — "a lot of my crack in it." This trailer teases those aspects of the movie, as Pattinson can be spotted frequently getting frisky with Thurman, Ricci and Thomas. But it's his slow seduction methods that have really captured our interest. Whether he's drawing a finger down Ricci's neck or flirting with Thomas in a church, Pattinson seems to have come a long way from the brooding Edward Cullen.

"I've Been Such a Fool"

You've got to love a man who can admit when he's wrong. The crux of the movie pivots on Duroy's bad behavior, so it should come as no surprise that he eventually gets in trouble for it — at least that's what it looks like when he admits to Ricci's character, "I've been such a fool." Whether that means he will learn from his actions is yet to be seen, but we doubt it based on all of the other dramatic occurrences in the trailer.

"Get Out of My House!"

Between "Bel Ami" and Pattinson's other project, "Cosmopolis," the man best known as a sparkly vampire is getting the chance to show he can be more than just a heartthrob. And he gives us a preview in the trailer when he yells, "Get out of my house!" breaking down his character's usually composed façade.

A Man's Reflection

The trailer is scattered with shots of Duroy staring at his own reflection, but two pivotal instances bookend the video. In the first, Duroy gazes at his face in a small, broken mirror, looking unsatisfied with what he sees. But toward the end of the trailer, there is a (shirtless!) full-body shot of Duroy staring at himself yet again. In the voice-over, he emphatically states, "There is no next life, and I am going to live." It's clear Duroy has undergone significant changes since the beginning of the film, but we have a gut feeling those changes aren't going to end well for him.

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