Gym Class Heroes Call 'Ass Back Home' Video 'Gritty'

Travie McCoy says the clip, featuring Neon Hitch, shows the 'struggle' of a long-distance relationship.

Life on the road can be tough for a musician — just ask Gym Class Heroes.

On Monday, the group premiered their video for "Ass Back Home," the third single from their latest album, The Paper Chronicles II. The clip was shot while the group was on tour and shows frontman Travie McCoy struggling with a long-distance relationship while spending his life on the road.

MTV News recently caught up with Gym Class Heroes at Z100's annual Jingle Ball concert, and they told us how they came up with the concept for their latest video.

"It's us on the road and it's shot really gritty," McCoy said. "So it kind of gives people a behind-the-scenes at what it's like to be on the road, traveling nonstop and also that tension, that struggle of trying to keep a relationship afloat."

Bassist Eric Roberts added:" I remember when I was watching some cuts of the video, I totally just lost thought of the song, and I was just paying attention. I was like, 'Oh, it's kind of like a movie.' "

Playing McCoy's love interest in the video is British newcomer Neon Hitch, who also sings the chorus. The electro-pop singer, who describes herself as a "free spirit," was the perfect choice not only for the song, but for the video as well. "They just thought I would fit the song perfectly," Hitch told MTV News. "So it just happened magically."

It seems like Gym Class Heroes couldn't agree more. "The song was actually produced by Benny Blanco, and Benny's worked with Neon in the past," McCoy said. "I think if anybody gets the song and as far as the message of the song and what the song's about, it'd be her, because she's kind of in the midst of all this. Not only did she go above and beyond the call of duty as far as singing it, but it's something that she can totally relate to, so it's perfect."

Last month, Gym Class Heroes were forced to cancel the remaining dates of their North American tour due to illness, but fear not, GCH fans: They are planning to get back on the road in the new year.

"We wrapped this year up with all the Christmas shows and top of the year, next year, we head overseas," McCoy said. "And then we come back here to destroy the U.S."

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