'First Date' With Outasight: The Pepsi Connection

Singer's 'Tonight Is the Night' is featured in Pepsi campaign alongside footage of Kanye, Britney and Michael Jackson.

In all honesty, most people are probably more familiar with Outasight's song "Tonight Is the Night" than they are with him. And that is in no way a knock on Outasight. After all, the song is a big part of Pepsi's "Who's Next" campaign, having been featured in the soft drink company's latest legacy commercial, which includes footage from past Pepsi ads featuring Kanye West, Britney Spears and the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. But hopefully those commercials will start to win Outasight some attention.

The song actually debuted on the second episode of Fox's reality competition show "The X Factor," and it's been slowly gaining momentum ever since. The Dori Oskowitz-directed video for the pop, party anthem was dropped early last month, and it features Outasight and friends preparing, embarking and wrapping up an incredible — or typical — night of fun in New York City.

The Yonkers MC and singer is already seven mixtapes deep in his relatively short career, and his still-unnamed debut album is expected next year. He's been making music for as long as he can remember, but it wasn't until he discovered he could combine both of his talents of singing and rapping that he found he could really be Outasight.

"Singing and rapping were separate entities," Outasight said. "Then Mos Def and artists like that inspired me. I saw you can do it — you can sing and rap and make it gel. I started taking my craft more seriously and just kept working on it. It's just a natural thing. It's never planned out. It kind of flows."