Katy Perry: Hosting 'SNL' Was 'Cherry On Top' Of 2011

'Saturday Night Live' gig 'really is [a] dream come true,' singer says.

On Saturday night, Katy Perry took the reins of "Saturday Night Live," hosting the long-running sketch-comedy program. Displaying her flair for comedy and her budding acting chops, the singer shared with MTV News that she intended to celebrate her latest achievement the way hosts before her have: by attending the legendary "SNL" afterparty.

"Sunday morning? ... I'm still spinning 'cause I drank too much. I'm just kidding," she joked days prior, at Thursday's rehearsals for the show. "Sunday morning is gonna hopefully be, 'Ahh, that was so much fun, and we had a great time, and we all danced together on a dance floor.' ... I know we'll go till like 8 [a.m.]. I'll be hopping on that plane [after the party] with a hat, sunglasses, like, 'Hello! Yes! Wee!' "

It's been a great year for Perry: She had a hugely successful tour, tied a chart-topping singles record held by Michael Jackson, took home a number of big prizes, starred in the big-screen version of "The Smurfs" and found out she's up for two Grammys come February. And, that's just a few of her accomplishments. The "SNL" gig, she said, was the icing on her 2011 cake.

"It's a cherry on top," she gushed to MTV News. "Most definitely, you hear with different monologues of different hosts every week, it sounds a bit repetitive and stereotypical about how this is their dream come true to host 'SNL,' but it really is each and every one of our dream come true to host 'SNL,' to just have fun, goof off, try and make some people laugh. And, we'll see. Hopefully, I don't embarrass myself 'cause if I do, I'll stick to music."

Regardless of her future on the show (or in comedy, for that matter), Perry said the "SNL" women are truly inspiring. "I like females that are OK with making fun of themselves, and they don't always have to have the best lighting or they can play all kinds of different characters," she explained, owning up to a slight obsession with "SNL" star Kristen Wiig. "They don't have to play gorgeous and serious all the time: They can play stupid and funny and self-deprecating. I love that."

On the episode, for which Perry explained she got some advice from hubby and previous "SNL" host Russell Brand, she was joined by former tourmate Robyn as the night's musical guest.

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