Katy Perry Raves About 'SNL' Musical Guest Robyn

Perry tells MTV News the Swedish star is 'the epitome of effortless cool.'

NEW YORKKaty Perry knows a thing or two about being the musical guest on "Saturday Night Live". But this week, she steps up into the role of hostess, and she's welcoming her former California Dreams tourmate and Swedish pop powerhouse Robyn as the show's musical guest.

When MTV News caught up with the pop stars during rehearsals Thursday, they opened up about reuniting for the late-night show. "It was a pleasure to do rehearsals here today in the 'SNL' studio," Robyn told us. "You're gonna see what you always see: me, like, dancing and giving it my all."

While Perry and Robyn, an "SNL" first-timer, hung out a bit during a promo shoot — co-starring the show's city correspondent, Stefon (played by Bill Hader) — she said she hadn't yet gotten some words of wisdom from the California Gurl.

But when we asked Perry if she had any advice for her pal, she didn't think she had much to offer.

"I don't need to give her advice," she said. "She needs to give me advice. She's cool, dude. She makes everyone cooler. ... She's just, like, the epitome of effortless cool, like you look at her wardrobe and you think, 'I don't think I could wear that,' but she wears it and she just owns it."

There's one look you may see Perry sporting on the show that was inspired by the singer. "She's always wearing platform shoes, whether it's, like, creepers or Prada shoes. And she was wearing them way back when, in the beginning of the tour," she said. "And now Prada's doing them; everyone's wearing them. Rihanna's wearing them. I'm wearing them after all of the convincing, so she's kind of the tastemaker. It's gonna be a great show because of that."

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