'Workaholics' Brings Out Adam DeVine's 'Inner Child'

Actor pulls back the curtain on his Adam Demamp, who was just named one of MTV News' Top 50 TV Characters of 2011.

Adam DeVine is one-third of the sophomoric (and absolutely hilarious) buddy/stoner comedy "Workaholics." On the Comedy Central show, DeVine plays a character named — wait for it — Adam, a twentysomething with no aspirations other than getting weird with his two best friends when they're not idling at their generic, low-rung desk jobs at TelAmeriCorp.

Since the show's debut earlier this year, DeVine has created his own catchphrase and graced the audience with such sight gags as becoming a bodybuilder for a day, getting dragged by a car after he'd harpooned its tire and, most shockingly, tucking in a part of his body that ... well, we'll let him explain.

Now that MTV News has named DeVine's Adam Demamp one of the Top 50 TV Characters of 2011, we caught up with the funnyman to pull back the curtain on his "Workaholics" alter ego:

On his favorite scene to shoot: "The bodybuilding episode from season one was probably one of my favorites, only because I've always had one of those weird little things in the back of my head saying that if I didn't want to be an actor and be someone that is an actual human being that can assimilate in society, I would want to be a bodybuilder and just get weirdly tan, grease my muscles, wear a Speedo. So the fact that I got to play one on TV really, really brought the inner child out of me."

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On his catchphrase, "Oh, I like that": "I like 'Oh, I like that' only because that's something my dad always said, and I've since incorporated it into the show, which he gets a kick out of. It's all for Mom and Dad. Surprisingly, they love the show. My Thanksgiving was weird: It was all about keeping the turkey 'tight butthole' and the string-bean casserole getting my cousins 'torqued.' "

On the mangina: "That was one of the things that we were so surprised that they, 1. Let us do, and 2. Let us show it. It was like, we wrote it, thinking they were going to turn it down, and they were like, 'Well, we can just blur it out.' And then we shot it, and we sent over a cut to Comedy Central to approve, and we sent over a cut that was un-blurred just for shock value, and they were like, 'We love it! We're gonna fight for it! We're gonna talk to the censors and make sure we can do it!' There's a part of me that's like, 'Yeah! We beat the censors!' Then there's a part of me that's like, 'My pubic bone is gonna be exposed to the world.' And then that part of me got really excited, because I have a really handsome pubic bone. I think it's a cable-television first. I mean, 'Frasier' used to do it all the time, so it's been on network TV. Niles was always tuckin' back to impress Roz."

On resembling his television character: "I think Demamp comes out on beer six and then leaves my body at beer 11. I'll get real wild after beer six to beer 11. And then after my 11th beer, I'll just get really quiet, whereas Adam Demamp I think would start a house fire."

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