David Guetta Lauds Skrillex For Grammy Noms

Porter Robinson, Sofi and Tommy Lee also congratulate Skrillex on his five Grammy nominations.

Last week, it was announced that Sonny Moore, the rocker-turned-DJ/producer that has exploded onto the electronic music scene as Skrillex, has been nominated for five Grammy Awards. Included among the noms is Best New Artist, a first in Grammy history for a "DJ."

And while Skrill's Grammy salutes may have come as a shock to him when he heard the news while in Manchester, U.K., his EDM cohorts say the recognition makes perfect sense.

"I am just so happy for Skrillex, man!" his 19-year-old friend and former OWSLA tourmate, Porter Robinson said. "He definitely deserves it. I've been saying it all year, he's the most influential musician of this year, in any genre. Incredible sound designer. Incredible songwriter. Amazing performer."

EDM artist, friend and collaborator Sofi said, "He's been in bands before. He's an excellent songwriter. He can sing. He's just so versatile that I think that comes through in his music. He kind of brought this 'rock,' 'raw' element into electronic music. He's the punk rock of the new generation."

In 2011, Skrillex has whipped up hearty remixes (his remix of Benny Benassi and Gary Go's "Cinema" remains a fan favorite), released his EP More Monsters and Sprites, supplied songs for video games, launched his OWSLA record label, played massive festivals, jumped on Kaskade's new album and produced songs for Korn's new album — just to name a sliver of his endeavors.

Regardless of how Skrillex is categorized as an artist (he's often called a "dubstep" artist — a moniker he doesn't agree with), fans, critics and artists alike, from niche to pop, all seem to be onboard the Skrillex train.

"He's extremely talented, and I'm very happy for him," beamed dance music's most popular veteran, David Guetta. "It's a statement: I think it's really good that an artist from our community is nominated just as 'an artist.' Not as a 'dance' artist, you know? I think that it's good that [our] music is now getting the attention and the respect that all the other styles of music, like hip-hop, are getting."

To mark the Grammy recognition, Sonny's friends asked us to share their congratulations with him.

"Skrilly, congratulations, dude!" shouted Tommy Lee. "That's so rad, man. I'm sitting here thinking a year ago we were sitting in my studio and you were playing me your new sh--, and Blam! Grammy nods like a muthaf----! Congratulations, dude! Kill that sh--, brotha!"

"Sonny, man, I just want to congratulate you on the Grammys!" echoed Porter Robinson. "It's been an absolutely insane year. The tour that we did together, the OWSLA tour, was without question the best time of my life. You deserve this like nobody else, so congratulations!"

"Skrilly, congratulations on your many nominations!" Sofi exclaimed. "I'm just really thrilled for you buddy. You're awesomely talented and you know I've been a fan of yours since day one. I remember when you showed me your EP that came out on mau5trap (deadmau5' label) and I told you that you were going to get REAL busy! And guess what — I can't even get a hold of you anymore!" she laughed. "Good for you, buddy! Go get 'em!"

What do you think of Skrillex, his nominations and what he's been able to achieve this year? Sound off in the comments below!