B.o.B, Lil Wayne Rhyme Beneath 'Strange Clouds' In Video

Song 'really [lets] people know we're back,' Bobby Ray says of title track off upcoming LP.

The video for B.o.B's "Strange Clouds" dropped Monday morning (December 5); the Motion Family-directed clip features Bobby Ray and Lil Wayne rhyming in a field beneath a sky of — you guessed it — strange clouds. The song serves as the first single off B.o.B's sophomore effort of the same name. But when MTV News recently caught up with B.o.B, he revealed that the Dr. Luke track was originally just something he wanted to rhyme on.

"I was actually in mixtape mode when I heard it, so I just really wanted to go in on the beat. A hook came to me, and it kind of started to stick out to me the more and more I listened to it, and it ended up being the title track for the album," said B.o.B. "I wanted to get an artist on it who could really bring it even more to life, the whole concept of 'Strange Clouds.' "

He said that "Strange Clouds" could mean a variety of things from lacunosus clouds to unidentified flying objects to puffs of the most exotic of plants. He wanted to get an artist on it who could really bring that idea to life, and who better than Lil Wayne?

"We brought the record to him, we turned it around real quick, and when we put our final ears to it, we were like, 'Yeah, this is the first one to come out and really let people know we're back.' "

B.o.B said the album's sound was a fusion of a lot of different things.

He said his music has danced around in a lot of genres, whether pop, rock or hip-hop, but ultimately he wants listeners to feel good about it.

"Really, at the end of the day, music is supposed to make you feel good, and at the same time, I'm an MC at the end of the day also, so there's a lot more of that in the album," he said.