Justin Bieber And Boyz II Men Unwrap 'Fa La La' Video

Black-and-white video showcases Bieber's heartfelt singing with his idols.

Christmas is right around the corner, but the Biebs is already in the holiday spirit. On Wednesday (November 23), Justin Bieber dropped the video for "Fa La La" with Boyz II Men. There are no reindeer or presents under the tree; instead, Justin and the Philadelphia R&B outfit sing of a warm love that will endure through the holiday season.

The black-and-white clip begins in an empty loft, where Bieber sings alone, with his arms flailing and face slightly scrunching every time he hits those heartfelt notes. Justin's solo intro leads way to a collaborative bridge, where Boyz II Men join in. "Baby you de-serve eve-ry-thing you want/ It's your night," they all sing in harmony as the "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye" vocalists join the teenage star in song on the front porch of a brick house.

No elaborate set needed. With an empty city as their backdrop, the four crooners throw down in an old-fashioned sing-off. As the track builds, BIIM's Wanya Morris really gets into it, pounding his chest and kicking one leg up to accentuate his performance. Bieber, who is dressed in a white tee and slim-cut leather jacket, tugs on his collar to let you just how much his words mean to him.

On November 1, Bieber teased the clip when he tweeted, "Killed it with @BoyzIImen on DWTS and then just shot a video for our song #FALALA with @colintilley - great night! living a dream. Thanku," in reference to his appearance on "Dancing With The Stars" and the Colin Tilley-directed "Fa La La" video.

Maybe some of Boyz II Men's subject matter was a bit mature for the pint-size Bieber, but they influenced him nonetheless. "He told us his mom didn't want him to sing 'I'll Make Love to You,' so he'd sneak and go sing it somewhere," Wanya Morris told MTV News. "It's also good to know we've influenced such a good artist. It's something that makes us feel we've accomplished [something and] we're doing our job, [that] a guy so young and so into his craft [is] influenced by three guys from Philadelphia that love to sing."

Yes, "Fa La La" is the latest single from JB's holiday LP, Under the Mistletoe, but Tilley and company didn't overload the video with Christmas themes as to so implicitly tie it to December 25 -- after all, true love should last all year 'round.

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