'Breaking Dawn' Bridal Gown 'Moved' Kristen Stewart

'I was very flattered I was asked to do it,' designer Carolina Herrera tells MTV News of Stephenie Meyer's personal request.

Of all the big reveals in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" that don't involve the words "sex" and "scene," fans are dying to see Bella's wedding dress.

It's been one of the most closely guarded film secrets in recent memory, and rightly so, according to author Stephenie Meyer, who told us the key ingredient to the wedding scene was Kristen Stewart looking "gorgeous" and "unbelievable" in that dress. Thankfully, come Friday, the secret will officially be out.

MTV News was lucky enough to get a few details about said dress from legendary fashion designer Carolina Herrera at the film's premiere Monday night, as she led us through the process for how she ended up with the coveted task. "I was called by Stephenie Meyer. We had to discuss a lot, but I was very inspired by her book and the description of the wedding," Herrera said. "I was very flattered I was asked to do it; it's a big scene for me."

Herrera said she loves the romance and the idea of true love as depicted in the book and that she was happy to be a part of such a magical scene. She also spoke to the importance and delicacy in designing wedding dresses in general.

"Wedding dresses are different, because you have to know that it's the most important day in the life of a woman," she said. "You have to please the bride first of all, and it has to be a secret. I cannot talk about the dress before the groom sees it. I treated [Kristen Stewart's Bella] like every other bride," she admitted. "I think [Stewart] was very moved when she tried it on. And that means a lot, because she felt that it was the right one."

Given her pleasant experience with the film's wedding dress, might Herrera consider designing something for Stewart in real life? "Why not? If she asked me, absolutely," Herrera said with a smile, but added that Stewart doesn't need to by styled by anyone. "She knows exactly what she wants to wear. ... You can wear anything at21. You don't need any advice. When you are Kristen Stewart, you can wear whatever you want."

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