'Breaking Dawn' Sex Scene Is 'All Close-Ups,' Kristen Stewart Says

'It's not a beginning-to-end sex scene; it's memories,' she tells MTV News.

There is so much hype surrounding the "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" sex scene between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan that we probably won't ever be able to stop writing about it. The fans demand it!

Lucky for us, the stars in question keep talking about it as well, so we're all able to revel in the warm romantic (after?) glow for a little while longer. When MTV News caught up with Kristen Stewart recently, we asked what her reaction was when she finally saw the intense scene play out on the big screen.

"I think, for me, it really reflects what I felt when I was reading the book," Stewart said. "It's funny, because it's not in the book. It's totally just what you imagine in between those chapters, but without it, because you imagine it, it leads you to — it picks up right after, and then sort of really indulges in memory. And so I think that's how you see it. It's not a beginning-to-end sex scene; it's memories, it's nice. So because of that, I never really got to shoot, we didn't shoot a sex scene; it was all close-ups and such."

Stewart's steamy scene partner Robert Pattinson had a little more fun talking about the filming of their scene, in that he was happy to fulfill fans' sexual fantasies with his acting.

"That's the one time where I have felt kind of like the coolest person," Pattinson said of filming the scene. "[I thought] this is easy! I can fulfill people's sexual fantasy expectations without even thinking about it, piece of cake. That isn't acting," he joked.

"The only thing [that was difficult] is the vanity aspect," Pattinson continued. "Taylor [Lautner] just ruined the whole series for me. As soon as he buffed up, I went, 'Well, I'm throwing in the towel' on 'New Moon.' "

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