Kim Kardashian Denies Marriage Money Rumors

Public scrutiny about divorce from Kris Humphries 'teaches me I kind of want to step back a little bit,' she tells Australia's 'Sunrise' TV show.

First, she addressed the split in a blog post; then Kim Kardashian opened up a bit more about her divorce from Kris Humphries on an Australian radio show; and in her first TV interview since announcing the breakup, Kim opened up explicitly on the Australian morning show "Sunrise," in a video posted on

target="_blank">E! Online.

Sitting down on the show, with her little sister Khloé by her side, Kim explained why she decided to head Down Under to promote her handbag line, and by default her divorce, instead of cowering away. "I really wanted to stick with my commitment to come out here to Australia," Kim explained. "I love our fanbase out here. Of course, I do want some time to myself, and it's a really tough thing to go through, but I didn't want to bail on everyone and skip out on this commitment. I just have Khloé and Lamar [Odom] here with me, and we're getting through it. That's really all I can do."

When asked if she had any plans to eventually take some time off from the public eye, she added, "Of course, I do want that time to be with myself and close friends and family. I don't think you ever prepare yourself for when the right time is, so I will get that time somewhere in the near future."

Explaining that filming the wedding was a "tough decision," the reality starlet said that what's been toughest since ending her 72-day marriage to the basketball star is all the negative attention she's been getting.

"I think what really upsets me most is that there have been, from the start, so many rumors of money and dollar signs, of all these things thrown up in the air, that this cost this much, and this much, and this much," she said, mirroring comments her mother, Kris Jenner, made about the rumors. "And so much of it not being true.

"It's kind of what you get from living your life so publicly on a reality show," she continued. "I get that questions are going to be asked and the scrutiny's going to come, and there'll be mixed emotions and so many rumors that comes along with the territory, but also, it teaches me I kind of want to step back a little bit."

Inviting so many people, she explained, put some pressure on her to allow her fans into this big moment. "It's a double-edged sword," she concluded. "We want to share these great times, but then when you want some time for yourself and have some private time, you're not really allowed to per se, like in the public.It's hard to go through, and I'm glad that I'm out here in Australia to get my mind off of everything."