Jadakiss Supports Irv Gotti For Def Jam President

'He said a lot of stuff that doesn't get said,' Jada tells MTV News of Irv's 'RapFix Live' appearance last month.

[artist id="1422853"]Irv Gotti[/artist] has another endorsement in his quasi-campaign to become president of Def Jam: [artist id="1163822"]Jadakiss[/artist] thinks the producer and executive would be a good fit at the storied record label.

The Yonkers rapper "loved" Gotti's early October appearance on MTV News' "RapFix Live," when he insisted he was the "best man" for Def Jam's currently vacant presidency.

"It was one of the best 'RapFix' [interviews] ever," Jada told MTV News. "He said a lot of stuff that doesn't get said. He was able to [vent] without hating on the record labels or channeling any hate. ... Everything he said — me being on the inside looking out and him being on the inside looking out but now on the outside looking in — I think he nailed every point. I think everything he said was excellent, and almost everything was true."

'Kiss is signed to Def Jam — releasing his latest album, The Last Kiss, in 2009, as well as the retail mixtape I Love You (A Dedication to My Fans) in May 2011 — on the label. The "We Gonna Make It" rapper hasn't spoken to anyone at the label about his support for the Murder Inc. founder, but he did mention agreeing with Irv's point that suits at any record label need to better relate to artists in order to earn their trust when it comes to making career decisions.

"Def Jam and every other label, it ain't that they're bad record labels; it's just sometimes they don't understand the artists that they have," Jada explained. "It's hard for somebody ... when you not coming where I'm from every day. ... You live a whole totally different life than me, but you telling me this ain't the record. That ain't really what's up, and that sometimes happens. It doesn't always happen, but sometimes that's what happens, and that be the conflict of interest."

When it comes to label drama, 'Kiss has had more than his fair share. Upon entering the rap game as a member of the LOX, with Styles P and Sheek Louch, the group was signed to Bad Boy Records. But after discontent, the trio managed to leave Bad Boy and sign to Ruff Ryders via Interscope Records in 1999.

'Kiss would release a pair of solo albums (2001's Kiss the Game Goodbye, 2004's Kiss of Death) on Interscope before Jay-Z, then Def Jam's president, inked him to Roc-A-Fella in 2007. That said, he's learned a thing or two about navigating record-business politics.

"I have a problem sometimes, but I'm always able to work it out, 'cause I understand that it's a business first," 'Kiss said of any creative friction that may arise between him and Def Jam. "That word 'business' is very strong. You can't take that personal. You can't let that intertwine with your feelings, and you gotta just come to some agreeance. There's always a way to work it out without running to the Internet or badmouthing the employees or something. For the most part, they show me love, so I just show the same love and respect back. Even if I disagree with something, if I bring it to them and we're not able to work it out, I just try to work it out myself, opposed to flipping — unless it's something that pissed me off to the point of no return," he laughed.

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