Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg's 'High School' Soundtrack A 'Big Deal'

'I'm a fan of it, separate myself from making it. ... Can't wait,' Wiz tells Mixtape Daily.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Exclusive

Sure, Wiz Khalifa was only 5 years old when Snoop Dogg first stepped onto the scene as a guest on Dr. Dre's 1992 classic "Deep Cover," but the two cannabis-loving MCs won't let their respective ages get in the way of collaboration. Wiz and Snoop will star alongside each other in the upcoming Dylan Brown-directed stoner comedy "Mac and Devin Go to High School" as well as on its smoked-out soundtrack.

Mixtape Daily caught up with the Doggfather and Khalifa on the set for "Young, Wild and Free," the soundtrack's official first single, and got the scoop on the rest of the LP.

"We got the homey Juicy J on the soundtrack, we got Curren$y on the soundtrack, but mainly it's just me and Dogg," Wiz revealed.

Overall, Khalifa is just hyped up to work with one of his idols. They linked on Wiz's "Black & Yellow" remix, Snoop's "This Weed Iz Mine," as well as a bunch of underground songs like "That Good" and "French Inhale."

"It's a real big deal because nobody's done it like that as far as a veteran in the game, an OG, a pioneer and then the newest, youngest, most exciting dude in rap coming through and really just giving people a complete project," Wiz said. "I'm a fan of it, separate myself from making it, [I'm] a huge fan of it. Can't wait."

As far as the musical vibe of the soundtrack, a laidback Snoop tried his best to describe it. "It's something to relax you and get you through the day; it's some real good music. The music is quality, I don't even have no title for it, as far as what kinda music is it, it's centric, it's ...," Dogg said searching for the right words before his partner-in-rhyme lent a hand.

"Eclectic," Wiz chimed in.

"Yeah, that's probably what it is," Snoop finished.

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