Jason Voorhees Creeps Up On MTV's Killer Halloween

Terror of Camp Crystal Lake joins Freddy Krueger on our list of horror icons: Vote for the deadliest in our poll!

MTV News kicked off our Killer Halloween with Freddy Krueger on Monday (October 24), but now it's time to take a look at one of his rivals: "Friday the 13th" terror Jason Voorhees. If you're just tuning in, each day we'll profile two of cinema's deadliest serial killers and ask you to help create the ultimate ranking. Each villain will be ranked from 1 to 5 on a number of deadly attributes, so check back all week for new profiles and new polls, and help decide on the deadliest of them all.

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Jason Voorhees

Occupation: Mongoloid

Weapons: Machete, the teenage libido

Arch-Enemies: Swimming, campers, Freddy Kruger

Profile: You know the saying: Hell hath no fury like a mongoloid serial killer with mommy issues. Jason Voorhees has more than a few things he should discuss with a therapist. His mother, a cook at Camp Crystal Lake, lost her mind when Jason drowned and went on a murderous rampage, killing the canoodling counselors and Kevin Bacon in the process.

But Mrs. Voorhees met a very headless end, when one of the counselors decapitated her with a machete, thus handing the camp reigns over to her recently resurrected son, Jason. Wearing a hood over his head to mask his disfigurements, he laid low for a while, hiding out in the woods and a cabin near Crystal Lake. Jason eventually proved more than any sociopathic mother could have ever asked for, killing counselors left and right. He took up that iconic hockey mask in the third installment.

While Jason is known for his slow gait, Detroit Redwings mask and machete, he could just as well be known for his many, many resurrections. Campers at Crystal Lake need to learn a simple equation: dead Jason plus electricity equals alive and pissed-off Jason. After two official deaths, Jason earned supernatural powers of regeneration that made him virtually indestructible. His newfound powers allowed him to be frozen and, in turn, to travel 400 years into the future in "Jason X."

Jason's most recent resurrection came at the razor-sharp hands of Freddy Kruger, who pretended to be Mrs. Voorhees in order to revive Jason. The two eventually faced off, but neither emerged as the clear winner.

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