Lil Wayne, Bow Wow Collabo 'Sweat' Almost Didn't Happen

Mack Maine was reluctant to green-light a second Wayne/ Bow Wow track, producer Detail tells Mixtape Daily.

Behind the Beats: Detail

Bow Wow has a bone to pick with the industry. After breaking into rap as a kid at the age of 13 in 2000, the now grown-up Bow is feeling a little Underrated, as the title of his upcoming December 6 Cash Money album suggests.

For his latest single, "Sweat," the now 24-year-old Bow Wow recruited Lil Wayne for a feature and producer Detail for the track.

"Obviously everybody knows I got a very diverse sound -- I can do pop, I can do rock, I can do hip-hop, R&B," the very confident "How to Love" beatmaker told Mixtape Daily. "For me it's just a matter of studying the artist and kinda coming up with a formula that's more natural for them."

On "Sweat," Detail laid a slow-rolling, pulsating pop track for Bow, who often seems to struggle with getting fans to accept that he is no longer the little pup he once was. Bow sings in Auto-Tune over the track, creating an aura of sexual seduction with his explicit lyrics. Wayne of course adds his unique brand of flirtatious, double-timed raps.

As good as the single sounds, Detail told Mixtape Daily that the collaboration almost didn't come to pass. Wayne and Bow Wow had already cut a record together, and Young Money president Mack Maine was in no big rush to make a second track. That changed when Detail sent him the beat after the two talked at Wayne's Tha Carter IV release party in Los Angeles.

"At Lil Wayne's Carter IV release party, I was talking to [Maine] about the 'Sweat' record. He hadn't even heard [it]. He was like, '[Wayne] already got a record with Bow Wow,' " Detail recalled of his and Mack's conversation.

Given Detail's track record for crafting hit singles with Young Money, Mack agreed to listen to the beat, which the producer sent him right away. "He hit me back and said, 'Damn that bitch is a beast,' " Detail said. "So when he said that, I knew off the top that this motherf---er gonna go."

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