Kelly Clarkson Campaigns For 'Parks And Rec' Cameo

'I need to be in a scene with Ron Swanson,' she writes, urging fans to tweet show's producers and cast.

At this point, Kelly Clarkson would rather you forget her acting debut in the 2003 box-office beach-blanket bomb "From Justin to Kelly." But that doesn't mean the original "American Idol" champ doesn't want to work her way back to the small screen.

In fact, she really, really wants to drop in on "Parks and Recreation" and has started an initiative to land a slot on Amy Poehler's hit Thursday-night laugher. "Here's the deal ... I really want to be on 'Parks and Recreation,' " she told fans on her official website on Monday. "It's hilarious! I am a bad actress but maybe I could play a bad actress! I would nail that! I need to be in a scene with Ron Swanson. I love all of them but the trucker stache gets me every time."

Think about it, because she's not wrong. A scene with the "Since U Been Gone" belter and meat-loving, people-shunning office boss Swanson could potentially be amazing. Plus, Aziz Ansari's Tom Haverford and his pal Jean-Ralphio are always looking for receptionists for Entertainment 720 who are willing to do nothing all day for a six-figure salary and a free iPad.

But Clarkson knows she's going to need a hand in landing a coveted cameo on the show, which has so far bestowed them on more established actors and actresses including Megan Mullally, Louis C.K., Will Arnett, Justin Theroux and Parker Posey.

"So, I'm gonna need all of my fans' help please," Clarkson continued. "Please tweet every member of the cast, the producers, the writers, security in that building and anyone related to that show and tell them they need to have me on as a guest. Pretty pretty please!" Some of Clarkson's fans immediately responded, telling her they would totally watch that episode and announcing that they had already done their part to try and win her the spot. "I'm on it LOL," wrote one. "I may know a writer there."

Clarkson has logged a bit of time on TV since her "Idol" days, including cameos on "American Dreams," "Damage Control" and her pal Reba McEntire's "Reba."