Milla Jovovich Proud Of 3-D Cleavage In 'Musketeers'

'I had to eat a lot of pasta and get cinched really tightly into the corset and let the girls do the acting for me,' she tells MTV News.

Paul W.S. Anderson was proud. Sitting in a swanky London hotel earlier this month while promoting "The Three Musketeers," the director happily recounted one critic's opinion of his 3-D action-adventure and the quality of the performance of Milla Jovovich, who is not only one of the film's stars but also his wife.

"There was a review of the movie that said Milla's cleavage is worth the price of admission," he laughed to MTV News. "Cleavage in 3-D: It was what the medium was invented for."

Shortly thereafter, Jovovich was shocked — shocked! — in an interview to learn her husband was dishing such details to the press. "I can't believe he told you that story!" she said with a smile. "That's so embarrassing. I'm like, 'Honey, you can't tell people that!' I'm trying to be taken seriously, and now my cleavage is going to sell tickets."

Whatever works, right? Though to be fair, "Musketeers" has a lot more going for it than some three-dimensional bosoms. Anderson's flick is a swashbuckling affair that stays true to much of Alexandre Dumas' classic tale, but introduces a whole lot of contemporary bling into the mix. So while you get fair maidens in corsets and swordfights galore, Anderson also delivers steampunk airships and 21st-century wit, all captured by 3-D cameras. At the center of it all is Jovovich's Milady de Winter, a tough-as-nails woman who may look harmless but who will stab you in the back — or at least poison or otherwise maim you — if the opportunity for self-preservation or self-promotion arises. How does such a double- and triple-crosser survive in "Musketeers"? What Jovovich calls her "girls" certainly help.

"I did have to prepare a lot to make my cleavage what it was," she said. "I had to eat a lot of pasta and get cinched really tightly into the corset to get the effect and let the girls do the acting for me. Each one took classes. Stanislavski. I think the left one is more talented than the right."

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