Lady Gaga 'Has Full Control,' Akon Says

'Kon was 'fully involved' in her first two albums, but now 'creatively, 100 percent, it's all Gaga,' he tells MTV News.

Over the course of her ever-evolving career, Lady Gaga's longtime boss, Akon, has always been by Gaga's side as she reincarnated herself from disco-ball-wearing dance princess to couture-sporting pop demi-goddess.

Now that Mother Monster is several years and millions of albums sold into her career, [artist id="1240040"]Akon[/artist] has stepped back a bit and changed his role in the Haus of Gaga, giving the singer more control over what she does with her career.

"So the way it works is, Gaga's on Kon Live/Streamline, which is Vincent Herbert, and it's distributed through Interscope," he explained to MTV News. "And the first two albums, we were fully involved in everything creative when it comes to Gaga, and then, as she grows, she becomes more in tune with herself [and] what she wants to do.

"Now she has full control over her project, period," he continued. "Everything you see of Gaga now is all from her brain ... and our job is just to make sure whatever she's thinking we can make into reality. So I guess more so with the approval processes and everything like that, we still do what we do, but creatively, 100 percent, it's all Gaga, and Vince does all the day-to-day stuff relating to Gaga."

Then whatever's about to go down in Gaga's upcoming "Marry the Night" video certainly got the A-OK from Akon. The singer was spotted in New York City filming a clip for the fifth single from her chart-topping Born This Way.

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