Tom Morello Set To Perform At Occupy Wall Street

Rage Against the Machine guitarist has already dropped in on the Los Angeles Occupy protest.

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello has protest in his blood. As part of the legendary L.A. politico-stompers and in the guise of his folk-style rebel alter ego, the Nightwatchman, he's stood up for dozens of righteous causes over the years.

So it should come as no surprise that the Nightwatchman will be paying a visit to the Occupy Wall Street gang in New York's Liberty Plaza/ Zuccotti Park on Thursday (October 13). Morello, who has long advocated for union rights and raged against corporate greed and financial malfeasance, announced that he will play an acoustic set at noon in the park in an effort to lend his support to the hordes who've been occupying the Manhattan real estate for more than three weeks in their bid to speak out against economic inequality in the nation.

"The Nightwatchman will Occupy Wall Street tomorrow at noon, adding one more voice to the growing chorus of millions demanding economic justice at home and around the globe," Morello told Rolling Stone magazine on Wednesday. "And I'll be playing some songs. Likely in the rain."

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Morello, who previously unplugged to perform a set at the Occupy L.A. protest, will join a recent string of musicians who've made their way down to the park to express their solidarity with the Occupy forces. Rapper Talib Kweli performed an impromptu set last week that included his new song, "Distractions," as did reclusive Neutral Milk Hotel singer Jeff Mangum. And though he didn't perform, Kanye West strolled down to check out the action on Monday along with Def Jam Records founder Russell Simmons. In addition, Bun B spoke to MTV News this week about his visit to Occupy Houston.

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