Did You Miss This? Jason Derulo Lies to Us, We Lie To Anna Kendrick

The pop singer shares secrets from his past, Josh Horowitz breaks his promise to a 'Twilight' Star and Jim Cantiello unleashes his 'Glee' frustration at Kurt.

It's been an eventful week in the MTV Newsroom with Jason Derülo and Anna Kendrick stopping by. In case you missed the highlights, here's what happened.

Jason Derülo Lies To Us

Jason Derülo was here to talk up his second album Future History and his two hit singles "Don't Wanna Go Home" and "It Girl." We were inspired by the Number Two and asked him to tell us two truths and one lie about himself to see how well we knew him. Play along with him below and see what the Derülo lie is on our Newsroom Blog.

Anna Kendrick Faced With Endless "Twilight" Questions

When it came to Anna Kendrick, we actually lied to her. Our own Josh Horowitz lured her in to discuss her new movie "50/50." But he then pulled a fast one with his hidden agenda: an endless parade of 'Twilight' inquiries. Watch her reaction to sneak attack questions about Taylor Lautner's "rock-hard abs" and Robert Pattinson's overall dreaminess.

Expressing "Glee" Rage Through Song

While Kendrick was angry on one side of our newsroom, Jim Cantiello was stewing on the other side, frustrated with the continual shifts in plot lines revolving around Kurt and Blaine on "Glee." Rather than simply write about it, he burst into a protest song that challenged the writers to get their stories straight. Watch his musical rant below:

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