Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias Go 'Mouth 2 Mouth' On New Track

Song will appear on Iglesias' reissue album Euphoria Reloaded.

Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez are getting muy caliente on their new track "Mouth 2 Mouth."

The two take their passion to the dance floor with the DJ Frank E-produced track. The song is all about desire as both Iglesias and Lopez trade sultry lines over shiny synths and pumping beats.

The passion on the swirling party track never subsides. "She called me up late at night/ We called an innocent crime/ She's such a good waste of time/ But in the back of my mind/ You know you're all I'm thinking of," Iglesias sings on the track.

"I can't catch a single breath, baby/ Help me now, help me now," the duo sings on the chorus. "Hurry up it's killing me the way I need your mouth to mouth, mouth to mouth." They go on to sing, "I swear you make me feel alive/ I swear you bring me back to life."

Lopez's lyrics evoke the guilt of wanting someone so intensely. "Kills me to let him inside/ Feels like the wrong kind of right/ He falls asleep by my side/ But in the back of my mind/ You know you're all I'm thinking of."

The song will appear on Iglesias' reissue album Euphoria Reloaded. The original Euphoria dropped in the summer of 2010, spawning hits like "I Like It," "Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)" and "Dirty Dancer." It is collabo-friendly thanks to contributions from the likes of Akon, Usher, Nicole Scherzinger, Ludacris and Pitbull and spawned a comeback for the singer thanks to its dance tracks produced by buzzy producers like RedOne and Fernando Garibay, who are both closely associated with Lady Gaga.

"This is the album I always wanted to make," Iglesias told MTV News last year about Euphoria. "I grew up in Miami speaking Spanglish. I'm so excited about this album. You see so much Hispanic influence everywhere. I wanted to combine both of them."

"The album's cool. It's very eclectic. Every single song is completely different," he added.

Euphoria Reloaded drops in November and promises more sexiness from the Spanish-American pop star. The first single off the deluxe release is the Pitbull-assisted feel-good single "I Like How It Feels," complete with whistle solo and all.