'Abduction' Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know

Before checking out Taylor Lautner's first post-'Twilight' lead role, peruse our handy guide.

All right, Taylor Lautner fans: Today is the day you've been waiting for! The actor's action-packed thriller "Abduction" has officially opened. Here at MTV News, we've been as excited as anyone for the 19-year-old's first post-"Twilight" lead role, and we've been following the film since it was announced.

Take a look through our hand-crafted guide to the John Singleton-directed film, as we present everything you need to know about "Abduction":

A New Action Star Is Born

The buzz around the film began way back in February 2010, when Lionsgate Entertainment announced that Lautner would be starring in a film about a young man who sets out to learn who he really is after finding his baby picture posted on a missing-persons website. Shortly thereafter, a slew of name players were added to the cast, including Lily Collins, Sigourney Weaver, Jason Isaacs, Maria Bello and Alfred Molina.

Just before production began in Pittsburgh, MTV News caught up with Lautner to learn about the intense training and prep work he was doing for the role, which included boxing, fight training, learning to ride a motorcycle and swimming.

Selling His Strengths

Once production wrapped, the promotion machine ramped up and we got our first look at photos of Lautner on set, in character and in action.

One of our best pre-release moments came back in April when we were very lucky to snag an early look at the first official trailer, as well as an exclusive sit-down with Lautner during "MTV First: Taylor Lautner." We heard trailer commentary straight from the source, as well as the challenges he faced during filming, his kissing scenes with Collins and whether he got any bumps or bruises from all the stunt work.

Skills to Pay the Bills

It was not long before we caught up with Lautner again in San Diego, during our Comic-Con Takeover, where we learned which seasoned Hollywood pros Lautner looked to for inspiration during filming, why Lautner was so committed to the role and how the film is different from other action thrillers out there.

With about a month left before opening day, we got our first look at Lautner's stunt work, and then we gleaned a few steamy details about a certain kissing scene from Lautner's leading lady in the film. Collins also revealed key details about her character, Karen, and how she gets pulled into the cat-and-mouse chase with Lautner's character, Nathan.

When we caught up with the entire cast at the film's premiere, we learned that kissing scenes are as challenging as action scenes, the young actors carried their acting weight as much as the seasoned pros, and everyone had a blast making the film. Oh and that Lautner always makes time for his fans.

Check out everything we've got on "Abduction."

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