Beyonce's Boyz II Men Sample On 'Countdown' Is 'Clever' Band Says

'I guess you can say we finally got our duet with Beyoncé,' Wanya Morris tells MTV News.

When Beyoncé dropped 4 earlier this year, she paid homage to her roots by sampling Boyz II Men. The singer used the countdown portion of their track "Uhh Ahh" on her I'm-so-in-love party track "Countdown."

The song is all about the rapture of true love, with Beyoncé happily declaring her devotion to that special man in her life. So were the guys happy about her decision to include them on the album? "I thought it was very clever," Wanya Morris told MTV News earlier this week when he stopped by to chat about the latest Boyz II Men album, Twenty. "She's a clever artist. She's one of the best in the business right now. I guess you can say we finally got our duet with Beyoncé."

The guys are certainly having a moment this year, thanks to the sample and their work with Justin Bieber. They say that Beyoncé's decision to use their song on the lively track was pretty surprising, even though they have a bit of history with Queen B.

"It wasn't something we expected, but we do have a bit of a relationship," Nathan Morris explained. "A lot of people don't really know that when they had Destiny's Child, the first time they went on tour they opened up for us for quite a long time. And we tried our best to look after them and make sure everything was good. And back then they were incredible."

Even that long ago they knew Beyoncé stood out from the pack. "We all saw that she would wind up doing her thing," Morris added. "There is a connection, and at the end of the day we didn't know she would use that record. Game respects game, I guess you would call it."