Gavin DeGraw Talks New Album And One Heck Of A Bad Night

Singer says 'it got bloody' when he was attacked by a group of young men last month in New York City.

Getting ready for the release of his fourth studio album, Sweeter, singer Gavin DeGraw dropped by MTV News' studios to discuss his excitement for the album, his upcoming tour with "American Idol" alum David Cook, and, of course, to give us the full story behind the unfortunate "incident" that landed the singer in the emergency room last month.

"I'm so excited about touring for this record," Gavin said, bursting with excitement. "I think that the music on this record is going to make for a really exciting show."

The always-smiling soul/rock singer of smash hits like "I Don't Want to Be," "Chariot" and "In Love With a Girl" is excited to bring together all of his music for one epic show when he hits the road with Cook this fall.

Judging by his hearty laughter and great enthusiasm for his new material, you'd never guess that the soulful rock singer had recently taken a severe beating by a group of unidentified men in New York City's East Village late one summer night.

Gavin had a night off in New York City while touring with Maroon 5 and Train and decided to spend it with a few friends at the National Underground, a New York City bar he co-owns with his brother.

"I had a few drinks, and I put them in a cab," Gavin recalled. "Typically, when I'm at that place, I'll walk home afterwards. I walk a few blocks, and then I cross paths with some people who had something to say to me."

Gavin explained that is where details became hazy and "it got bloody."

When the attackers fled, Gavin was left to get himself to the emergency room, but the misfortune didn't end there.

"I ended up having to go to the hospital in an ambulance," Gavin said. "What they think is either I got hit by a cab or I went over and grabbed the handle of the cab to get in and this guy just saw some bloody dude trying to get into his car and hit the gas, which knocked me off into the sidewalk."

Despite the terrible night, Gavin remains very positive about his relationship with his family, friends, fans and New York City itself.

"I happened to have a rough night in New York," Gavin said in defense of the city that never sleeps. "But the whole night wasn't rough. Actually for the most part, the night was amazing. I just had a rough couple of minutes at the end of it."

Gavin likened the poor circumstances of that night to gambling. "If New York was a casino, the odds are pretty good. I've had thousands of great nights out in New York, and I lost at the roulette wheel one night, but I usually win big money."

Gavin had a word of advice for people who know someone who finds him- or herself in similar circumstances: "If something does happen to a friend of theirs or a loved one, it does go a long way when you just even send a text message out to somebody. Just the distraction of having someone reach out to you is actually pleasant."