Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins Faced 'Abduction' Challenges Head On

Between kissing and action scenes, Lautner says, 'One's a little easier than the other.'

HOLLYWOOD — MTV News has been hot on the case of Taylor Lautner's big action thriller, "Abduction," ever since it was announced. As such, in recent months, we've chatted with Lautner and co-star Lily Collins about everything from the film's complex and stylized action to its sweet, believable romance, to the actors' action-star influences and intense prep work.

Naturally, much ado has been made of the steamy kisses Lautner and Collins share, as well as how much action and stunt work they do in the film. So on Thursday night, when MTV News headed out to the star-studded premiere, where Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were among the VIP attendees, we asked the leading man and lady to compare and contrast the challenges involved in filming action scenes vs. kissing scenes.

"Ooof. Two different kinds of action, right?" Lautner said with a smile. "We've got both of them in this movie, that's for sure. One's a little easier than the other," he said, hinting at the kissing scene.

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"Well, the action scenes, we shot the majority of them in the middle of the night so those were kind of difficult because we were tired," Collins said. "The kissing scene, everyone was laughing all around us, everyone was making it really fun, but at the same time trying not to laugh in the middle of it, so that was kind of difficult."

"There was a lot of laughing," Lautner agreed. "We're good friends, so it was all easy."

Back in April, during his "MTV First: Taylor Lautner" interview, he explained what makes for a good onscreen kiss from an actor's point of view. "It depends on the person and your vibe together, 'cause sometimes it can totally be awkward," he explained. "But if you're in the moment and you are literally living these characters, you forget about everything else, then it's fine. It was totally fine."

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