Joe Jonas Steams Up Paris In 'Just In Love' Video

'No, I'm not naked and she's not naked,' Jonas says of the bathtub scene in the clip.

Joe Jonas told MTV News that his music video for "Just in Love" would leave his fans "shocked," and he wasn't wrong. The video shows a grown-up side of the former teen star, who's now 22.

The retro-tinged, very sexy clip is set in Paris, with Joe cavorting around town with French model Angele. The two run around in their designer duds, making out in cafés, catching the metro, driving around in cars, hanging out in a bathtub and kissing in bed (a lot).

"No, I'm not naked and she's not naked," he later told E! Online about the bathtub scene when the network premiered the video on Tuesday evening. "But I think it's a little bit, well, I'll just say it's a little bit older than anything I've done before."

The video, directed by Jaci Judelson, is composed of shots of the pair as they make out all around one of Europe's most beautiful cities, weaving together the tale of their brief but passionate love affair. However, all good things must come to an end and Joe leaves his French lady love behind. The video closes out with Joe looking back as he walks away in the dark of the night.

"Just in Love" officially dropped last week and is the second single from Jonas' forthcoming album, Fast Life, due October 11.