Future Says Streetz Calling Will Be His Last Mixtape

Up-and-coming rapper says debut album is on the way, in Mixtape Daily.

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Artist: [artist id="3055723"]Future[/artist]

Representing: Atlanta

Mixtape: Streetz Calling

Real Spit: There's no question that when it comes to rap, Future is among the hottest up-and-comers. So fans of the Atlanta rapper's mixtapes may be sad to learn that his recently released Streetz Calling will be his last solo tape. Not to worry, though, an album is on the way.

"My mixtape, which will probably be my last solo mixtape, is 9/11: Streetz Calling," said Future, who recently announced his deal with L.A. Reid on Epic Label Group. "9/11: Streetz Calling with DJ Drama is supposed to be my last mixtape before I put my album out. My album is gonna be [titled] Pluto."

Though he originally planned to release his mixtape on 9/11, Future had to instead drop Streetz Calling on Friday after the tape began to leak early. Tracks like "Made Myself a Boss," the codeine-inspired "Easter Pink" and the chest-pounding "Name Hold Weight" exemplify Future's penchant for spitting catchy hooks and relatable rhymes.

The 2011 MTV Jams' Fab Five inductee has earned many fans; even some of the game's top rappers recognize his pedigree. "I wasn't even ready for Drake to get on it, but when he called I was like, man, I was acceptin' it with open arms," Future said about Drizzy's contribution to his "Tony Montana (Remix)." "He was just so far from where I'm at now, he's so far [from] me, so for him to reach back down like, 'Hey I want to get on your song,' it was big on him. It just showed that he's not out of the loop and I was in the loop."

Though Drake doesn't actually appear on Streetz Calling, Future did manage to round up Gucci Mane and his A1/Free Bandz partner Rocko on a tape otherwise navigated by Future himself.

Check back on Monday, September 19, to see Mixtape Daily's full Streetz Calling segment with Future.

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