Tyler, The Creator Falls 'Into Kanye's Arms' After VMA Win

'Yonkers' MC talks post-Best New Artist victory to MTV News with Odd Future's Jasper Dolphin playing interpreter.

Not long after learning he had won the Moonman for Best New Artist at Sunday's Video Music Awards, [artist id="3894586"]Odd Future's[/artist] Tyler, the Creator seemed to have blown up too big to even do his own talking. Instead of delivering a straight-on post-victory interview with MTV News, he whispered answers about the win into his groupmate's ear.

After a question about whether he was at all disappointed to earn Best New Artist and not Video of the Year (it went to Katy Perry's "Firework"), OF's Jasper Dolphin responded, "I just wanted one, I'm fine.

"I like cheese," Jasper added, as Tyler, the Creator whispered the responses into his ear.

While accepting his Best New Artist award, the rapper told the crowd he was on the verge of tears. So, we asked him if it had been hard to hold them back. "It was really hard, but [the tears] came out when I fell offstage into Kanye's arms," he said, speaking again through Jasper Dolphin.

After nabbing the Best New Artist statue from presenters Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez earlier Sunday night, Tyler delivered a mostly bleeped-out speech. "Yo, I'm excited as f--- right now, yo," he said. "I wanted this sh-- since I was 9. I'm about to cry. This is for my little brother Earl. He's not here right now. I really can't believe I'm here right now. I didn't write a thank you speech. I don't know. F---. To all the kids watching, you can do this sh--. Thank you."

The 20-year-old bested fellow Best New Artist nominees Big Sean ("My Last," featuring Chris Brown), Foster the People ("Pumped Up Kicks"), Kreayshawn ("Gucci Gucci") and Wiz Khalifa ("Black and Yellow").

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