Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, More Spotted Backstage At The VMAs

We watched as all the stars at the VMAs met and hung out backstage on Sunday night.

There were many, many standout moments that VMA viewers witnessed from the comfort of their living rooms (Beyonc#233;'s belly! Gaga/Jo macking on Britney!). But for every big moment on air, there was plenty of other crazy stuff that went down backstage, where there were no cameras rolling. But your trusty MTV News correspondents had access all over the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, and here's what we gathered from behind the scenes of the main show.

» Jo Calderone on the move! We witnessed Gaga in character, dressed in a navy suit, black hair slicked back, cigarette behind her ear, serious look on her face as she headed up to the stage!

» After Gaga's performance, her dancers left the stage, and seemed super psyched about everything. As they were leaving, the Pitbull dancers were walking on. Everyone high-fived.

» Jonah Hill and the "Jersey Shore" kids shared their mutual love for one another. "I watch your show," Hill told the cast.

» JWoww to Jared Leto: "Wow. I'm a huge fan! 'The Kill' is my favorite!" Leto: "Thank you so much!" Snooki, once they had passed the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman: "Aah?" To which Jenni replied, "That was Jared Leto. Don't you know who Jared Leto is?!"

» We spotted Tony Bennett chilling in his room with a cart with two bottles of wine sitting outside. And in other catering news: We saw Britney Spears get a delivery of cookies, and guitarist Brian May got wine.

» Brian May's and Lady Gaga's dressing rooms were next to one another. Next to that? Katy Perry. Not a meat cooler in sight!

» Speaking of dressing rooms, Britney was seen all smiles as she walked back and forth between dressing rooms with just one guy and a stylist.

» Kanye West strolled through, wearing lots of denim, and singing "Super Bass."

» Adele was walking briskly from one place to another when one of her handlers whispered the Beyoncé news to her. "I knew she would be!" Adele exclaimed.

» Gaga lit a cigarette for Adele. Naughty ladies!

» Beyoncé's mom got lots of congrats from people on her way out following B's big announcement at the show.

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