Sugarland Plan Indiana State Fair Memorial

Band sends out prayers for 'peace and healing' families of five killed and dozens injured in Saturday's stage collapse.

Following last Saturday's stage collapse before their scheduled concert at the Indiana State Fair, [artist id="1244042"]Sugarland[/artist] have announced they will hold a memorial to honor the five killed and dozens injured in the accident.

The band announced on their website that they are working on a memorial. "We are in the process of planning a private memorial in Indiana to honor those fans who died. We would first like to hold space so that their families can have time to go through their own services and memorials. Until that time we are holding vigil for them," they wrote. "We join them on their mourning benches. And we stand in the gap asking God to offer them peace and healing. For those suffering from injury we hold you up with prayers for complete healing of your own."

In addition to their plans to honor those lost and injured, Sugarland also announced they will resume their tour later this week. "We are also addressing our own specific healing," the statement continues. "Our road family experienced its traumas together. While we all scattered to our given families for their comfort, the trauma we experienced together binds us in a unique way that we share only with each other, and those who were there. There is healing in our being together. There is healing in our working together. For this reason we are planning to get back on the road this weekend, beginning with our scheduled show in Albuquerque this Thursday, August 18th. The emotions have us yearning to be close to each other immediately. The logistics have us needing to replace all of our instruments and equipment. (The set is a loss that is insignificant in light of the tragedy.)"

A memorial service was held on Monday at the fairgrounds where the accident took place. According to, 500 people attended the service, including Governor Mitch Daniels. The website for the fair, which reopened on Monday, announced that some shows, like the Train/Maroon 5 show, have been moved elsewhere on site, while Janet Jackson's and Lady Antebellum's performances have been canceled all together.