Styles P Preps World's Most Hardest MC Mixtape

LOX partners Jadakiss and Sheek Louch will be featured on release, the Ghost tells Mixtape Daily.

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Mixtape: The World's Most Hardest MC

Headliner: [artist id="1906546"]Styles P[/artist]

Key Cameos: [artist id="1163822"]Jadakiss[/artist] and Sheek Louch

Real Spit : The LOX's Styles P is a busy man. In between running his juice bar in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx, New York, and penning a new fiction novel, the Yonkers rap vet is prepping a mixtape that he's looking to release within the next two weeks and he plans to follow that with his fourth studio album in September.

"I'll probably drop a mixtape next week, the week after that, real soon: The World's Most Hardest MC and then Master of Ceremonies will be like September," Styles told Mixtape Daily on Monday.

Throughout his career, the Ghost has built a reputation for keeping his raps rooted in the street. Never one to water down his sound, on Most Hardest MC, P promises to once again deliver uncompromised hip-hop. "It's just gonna be hard. It's gonna be like the old feel, but kind of a new feel," he said before revealing that he will collaborate with his LOX partners Jadakiss and Sheek Louch for the tape. "Expect another crazy in and out with me and Kiss. Expect a joint with me and Louch. I'm just gonna kinda go ape on it."

Last week, Styles and Kiss released a freestyle over the beat to Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne single "Otis." While the LOX rendition has quickly become a fan favorite, Styles insists that for his mixtapes, there will be no retreads.

"I'm gonna do original beats," he declared. "The mixtape game kinda switched now, because I don't want the Feds knockin' at my door for using Weezy and Jay-Z and Kanye and everybody's beats, so you kinda gotta go original."

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