Laidback Luke Plans For Big 'Natural Disaster'

The 'Turbulence' producer lays out his strategy for his next single with Example, and another with Wynter Gordon.

Veteran Dutch producer Laidback Luke is known for leveling some of the most explosive live sets in the business, as was certainly the case last month, at the main stage of Boom, Belgium's Tomorrowland Festival. Luke dropped his rendition of Kanye West's, "All of the Lights," "Timebomb" (with Jonathan Mendelson) and crowd favorite "Turbulence," his hit single with Steve Aoki and Lil Jon.

In the pantheon of Laidback Luke bangers, according to the producer himself, "Turbulence," ranks among the greats.

" 'Turbulence' is one of the harder tracks I've made," Luke told MTV News just before his set at Tomorrowland. "Steve is a big influence in that. When we made it, I could see him doing his stage dive and taking shirts off. And for me, when I play that track in my set, it's definitely a peak. I'll be jumping myself too, not taking shirts off or stage-diving, but Steve definitely adds up the energy for me."

With Tomorrowland now behind him, Luke has big plans for the rest of the year: He's linked up with British singer Example for a whopping single called "Natural Disaster," the instrumental mix of which is out already (and the version with Example's vocals has leaked online too). Judging by the TL crowd's response to the song as his set-opener, it certainly makes sense that Luke and Example are hoping to do more with it.

" 'Natural Disaster' is doing really well for me right now," Luke said. "We are shooting a video soon, looking at treatments right now. We have a couple of young directors we are looking at, so it's gonna be great."

And after the success of his remix of Wynter Gordon's "Dirty Talk" last year, he may come to New York to shoot the video for another collaboration with her.

"Wynter came through with a video concept for, 'Speak Up,' " the producer explained. "She wanted to have, like, a block party, and we are gonna shoot it where she grew up in New York."

"All the focus is on, 'Natural Disaster,' for the moment," Luke added, when pressed for details on the new single. "And then we'll go full force on, 'Speak Up.' "

While, like most dance music artists in the summer, he's busy touring the world in the world, but he did drop one sliver of a "maybe," EDM fans will be excited to hear: He just might be working with Steve Aoki again.

"DJs are working hard this summer!" Luke exclaimed. "We'll see after the summer is done, [then] we'll do more studio time."