Blink-182's Mark Hoppus Reveals Neighborhoods Inspiration

'We're each like different neighborhoods in a city,' Blink bassist tells MTV News of his bandmates.

Last week was a big one for Blink-182 ... and their fans. Not only did the band debut "Up All Night," their first new song in almost eight years, but they revealed the title of their much-anticipated new album, too: Neighborhoods.

Of course, while all of this was happening, Blink bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus was e-mailing MTV News, first to express his excitement about the new music, and then to reveal just how "Up All Night" went from being a rehearsal favorite to Blink's official comeback single.

And now he's at it again, this time talking about the inspiration behind the album's title. As is the case with everything involving Blink these days, it seems the Neighborhoods name owes much to the long road Blink have taken since going on indefinite hiatus back in 2005.

"As Blink-182 reformed, we came to realize that, as close as Travis [Barker], Tom [DeLonge] and I are, we are all very different people. With very different tastes. Travis just released a hip-hop album, Tom always talks about U2, Coldplay and the Police, and I listen to obscure indie rock stuff," Hoppus wrote. "We each bring a very different aesthetic, talent and sound to the band. And in the differences between our ideas, the struggle and edge of all the different directions, is where the good things happen when we write together.

"So we're each like different neighborhoods in a city. Everybody in the world thinks of something unique unto themselves when they hear the word 'Neighborhoods,' " he continued. "To some it is a big city, others a small town, others suburbia, everything. The world is wide, exciting and very different. That's what Neighborhoods means to me."

Blink-182 will return to the road alongside My Chemical Romance on the 2011 Honda Civic Tour, which kicks off August 5 in Holmdel, New Jersey. Neighborhoods is tentatively due in stores on September 27.